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Is a good gig one where you end up battered and bruised?

Are you always the last one to back down?

Do you fight harder than your guy mates?


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honestly i'm a pansy lol. i hate fighting, and try my best to stay out of situations like that. no matter what i do i will leave with a bruise though because i just bruise that easy.
i love rowdy shows! i always end up trapped in the moshpit some how, but its still fun. the only bad part is when you have some guys blood all over your shirt because he got his nose busted. I try not to get in the mosh pit on purpose since im usually shorter than everyone in them. :P
Being short sucks in this situation, agreed.
For the longest time my face was at elbow height on most guys... i had too mant bloody noses to count.
Love the pit! I mean it great to be able to let loose as long as you know that everyone is followig the rules of the pit. I usually gauge the rowdiness before i get in. I've been caught in a few wall of deaths before and came out unscathed...for the most part. Haha.
I rock out at shows but I prefer to save getting battered and bruised for the rugby pitch. I can be one tough little git. Depends on my mood.
A good moshing never hurt nobody! :D
Moshing is one of the moste exhilirating, awesome experiences I've ever felt.
Which is odd, cause Im not a 'fighter'. I've never been in a fight in my entire life! =/
Well, that's not true. I love to fight. Ive just never been in a physical one.
Honestly, I love the pit. I know..Im a little 120 lb teenage girl and whenever I go to a concert people are afraid they will hurt me. And i have beeen hurt. Brusied bones, black eyes. But I grew up with guys and am constantly tackling my friends. I'm used to it and I know how to mosh, and to fight. So I've got no problem with the pit.
I love going to a concert and then waking up the next morning feeling all sore and tired, it makes me feel like i got the worst out of the show. :D
I might as well have a dick at this point.
nuff said.
The tiny thing is a pain in the arse though. I'm 5'4 and 10 stone, if I'm hit hard enough I go flying across the pit. Doesn't stop me, but it makes guys reticent. Thinking of beefing up just so's I got a bit of weight behind me.
I have also had a compliment for being in the pit too, it was strange.
I had that at Rebellion last year.  A bunch of older punks named me Pit Monster because of how aggressive I am in the pit.  I'd be there with my shirt round my waist just mashing blokes twice my size.


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