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Is it just me, or have MohawksRock been a little dead for a while now? Let's wake up and try to keep the site alive!

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Well, I didn't really want to confirm or deny but....


Ha ha ha, some very good points you make here, with some good humor thrown in too.  I think everyone knows who you are talking about.

Perhaps a little Jäger bomb could do the trick!

I used to visit the site daily.  I ain't visited in months now though.  For me, and for a lot of members that I used to chat to, the nail in the coffin was when the chat room got closed fora week or so.  Yeah, there were some good discussions, arguments, debates, whatever, but that's life innit.  For me, the site died when the chat room got closed.  It re-opened, but everyone had already buggered off elsewhere, like this evening.  1:30AM, the room used to be bouncing.  Tongiht?  Dead.

You're right, there's rarely more than 4 online.

Hey, remember me? 


You young whippersnappers have no respect.

Do you deserve it?

You and I are going to get along.

I bet we are! I feel like we're BFFs already, and what else you call it!

Bro's for life.


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