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Is it just me, or have MohawksRock been a little dead for a while now? Let's wake up and try to keep the site alive!

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I also like the idea of a little sprucing up its way more fun with participation and I have also noticed the desolate profiles its very discouraging and is starting to make this place look more like a museum of what this community once was rather than the vibrant and diverse forum it used to be

Agreed, You have some well said posts on here Kobalos!

I stopped getting on here for a long time partially because I just plain forgot about the site and it just got old trying to chat,start a conversation or discussion to be met with silence. 

iv been on here for 5 months and there was people on all the time but now the site is practically dead everytime im on, i think the site needs some freshening up

I think everything mohawk related has been asked, now its all "aer thees socks Punx RaWx?" type of topics, although there are some legitimate hair related things every now and again, but you kinda need more than 1 topic ever other month to keep this stuff going. 

I still check on at least daily. I've been was gone for a week, but that's because I moved cities. But I can guarantee that at least 500 of those hits are from me :P I usually open and close the browser every hour or so. It's sad, because I've had lots of great interwebs times on here. 

I'm not saying I've been better than everyone else to get online and start shit to make this site alive again, before I actually realized, that it seemed it was on "standby", you know. Now I miss the activity on MR that there used to be a while ago. So how do we make this site to come to live again? What have not been discussed? I quite sure almost anything have been discussed, but, you know, you can always try to come up with an old thread, there's still coming new Rockers, so maybe that's an idea.
Or to make a thread that would "last" you know, not just the dead answers as Kobalos describes it as "I like that" - "So do I!", but to make it alive, I think it's "important" to use questions with who, how, where, what, when and so on, you know. I believe we can make this site come to live again during the summer and maybe it'll be as active after the summer, when people are home again from vacation and relaxation and recreation and whatever. Well, I sure hope so. Let's give it a shot. Post some pictures, make a group, start a discussion, write a message to the ones who have birthday, comment on awesome mohawks pictures! Yeaaah.

So I just swapped the forums out into a different display, to kind of shake things up and offer us 3 "featured" discussions, of which this one is the very top.  I have no idea if people will like this or not, but it'll at least shake up the forum a little bit, and get people to chime in here with even more ideas.

Great, man!

The different display though has too few highlighted (three being very few to go through) and too much overload seeing 211 pages worth of all the non-sectioned threads. 


Very difficult to find topics of interest without the old sections (and we all know how few folk use 'Search' sadly).  But we'll see what folk do with it - worth a shot anyway.

 ...I'll do my best :"o

Well, I've noticed that at lot of the cool people from the old days don't come on anymore, and a lot don't even have a profile anymore, like Val for instance. She was really cool, highly active and helpful and then one day out of the blue all of her posts were gone and I couldn't find her profile or pictures anymore. She's not the only one and sometimes I wonder where they are or what they're up to these days.

Another problem is that, there are only really so many topics involving mohawks and crazy hair that they are bound to repeat themselves eventually. Whenever there is a repeated topic, even if it is a legitimate question, some people bitch about how they didn't use the search function and that it has already been asked, rather than just answering it and helping the person. Then others could chime in with new or different ideas/opinions/expirences that wasn't posted in the old thread.

Using the search is good and everything, but it can sometimes be a pain in the ass and I can't always find what I'm looking for, depending on how long ago it was posted and it's sometimes easier to just re-ask the question. If i do find it, then it's done, and there are no new opinions or new things to add about the topic because you're not going to bump it just to say "Found what I'm looking for."

Then you got the people asking if something is punk or not or if they are a poser for liking certain things. I don't even bother looking at those threads because it's a stupid way of thinking: That someone is a poser for whatever or something isn't "hardcore punk" enough so they can't like it. I'm not even gonna comment on something like that because it shoudn't matter to you if I think you're a poser or not or if I think something you like is not punk enough.

Lastly, there is like one or two idiots that everything they post is like, "aw yeah! Shit yeah! Fuk Yeah! Off to get a 40 and fuck up my house before my landlord throws my ass out and if ya dont like it, butter mah balls! Fuck the man! Fuck the rich! Fuck those who work!" I can't stand that crap because all the energy you put into ranting about "the man", you could do something productive  or constructive with your time. I avoid posting responses to that stuff but I feel like saying "Contribute something or get your sorry deadbeat ass the fuck out of here." But I don't because it's just pointless to waste time and posts with crap like that.


Sorry and end my little rant.

But I think those are the main reasons why the website has been kinda slow lately.


Sweet Jesus, you're right.

And the "persons" you're describing sounds a lot like Toker, haha!


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