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From hair, clothes and shoes - what did you wear and look like today?

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and on top of that nothing, a purple and black tie died shirt, leather vest, patched green cargo pants w/red braces, engineers boots, hair up in spikes
You have a thing for 'nothing' going on there, don't you? :D
Today I am wearing my mohawk, a slipknot hoodie, tartan bondage pants, my favorite belt and by steel toed shellys rangers
Yesterday, I wore a black shirt, dark blue Diesel jeans, neon green tie, black jacket and steel toed docs with matching green laces to work, and of course my mohawk
Nice to hear what you been wearing both today and yesterday - thanks for reviving the thread, dude, too.

Those green laces look good too with your docs - from your latest pics.
Mohawk up
Misfits Unlucky 13 Crew T-shirt
Bondage pants
Steel toed docs with red laces
Leather jacket with over 500 pins and completely paint-patched
12 mm plugs with a rolling eye in it.
500 pins?! Whoa - that must have taken a lot of time and effort, cool. Good to hear the docs are out in force today. =D
I got 7 liberty spikes, black socks, glasses, shiny maroon basketball shorts, and a Marilyn Manson shirt I bought for $1.49 7 years ago with the sleeves cut off.
That was a bargain!
im in my black leather boots ripped up jeans and a misfits t-shirt with six liberty spikes and my diy vest with studs
What style/make of boots?
some black leather low tops that were sitting around


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