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From hair, clothes and shoes - what did you wear and look like today?

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Thanks for participating! :D
I think Sega did that one already earlier on the thread. heh heh
:) Thanks for participating though. Good free bump.

Oh, yeah, Sega also did that reply just on previous page too. heh
nothing ;)
The kisses make all the difference ;)
Hair Down
Batman Costume
Ramones Shirt
Black Overshirt
Black Pants
14 eyelet Docs
That's more like a reply - wait, a batman costume?! Whaa?
Oh, and do the docs have steel toecaps? I've got a pair of 14's but they don't. My 10's do though.
lol Yep! Gotta enjoy it when it all comes together right. =)
Today, I had to go classy style for business meetings, pinstripe suit, shirt with cufflinks and tie. However, I still wore my mohawk up and had may 14 hole steel toed docs on my feet.
heh That always kills me 'cause I had such a lot of trouble at my office job for having big steel capped boots on every day. Glad you got the mohawk up at work!


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