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Sorry, but I feel I really need to bitch here for a minute...

The main reason I love coming to this website is the mohawk community, and especially looking at a lot of awesome photos of different mohawk styles and members on the site from around the world. I found a lot of inspiration for my own 'hawk having gone through many of these galleries, but I've been noticing a shift in the content as of late.

Over the past year the photo gallery seems to have gone from a LOT of mohawk pictures, to a whole bunch of utterly-random CRAP. To find great mohawk pics, I now have to wade through page after page after page of people's pets, cars, (often crappy) artwork, 25-barely-different-face-shots-in-a-row-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-hair, and countless other non-mohawk-related things. I am all for the occasional pictures that do relate to other punk'ish areas (tattoos, piercings, DIY punk jackets, collars, etc) but this other random crap annoys me.

I came here to look at pictures of bad-ass hair styles, and not EVERYTHING that happened to be on your camera's memory card. Kindly post the rest of your non-mohawk/punk images on your MySpace, FaceBook, or other [topic] website. Let's at least put some effort forth to keep this website topical!!

Has this been bothering anyone else or am I totally alone here?

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what do you expect? were people with lives, if this thing is supposed to be some sort of electronic representation of us, why wouldnt we have pictures of our pets, cars, and crappy artwork?
In my opinion because that's what countless other non-topical social networking sites are for, like FaceBook and MySpace. I am okay with the occasional off-topic picture added, but this has gotten ridiculous in recent months. What is the point of a website called if half the posts on it have nothing to do with mohawks?
Oh I totally agree on the pre/post hawk, or even with the hawk down. But you have to admit that there's still a lot of completely unrelated pictures posted up there. And yes, on your 10-pictures thing. The thing that kills me is when people will take 10 shots of nearly the same thing and then post them all - just pick the best one or two and post those! :D
But then that made sense for them to show just one pic of themselves before the 'hawk 'cause they wanted to ask if they suited it.

Plus, I think it's better to have a member of the site have at least one pic up of their face to represent themselves rather than just the default shadow-head or an icon.
From my perspective, although all my pics have been of my mohawk (or kinda related to punkish imagery) - and some from a few different angles to show the side, angled & back at times - I don't just come here to browse pictures of mohawks, I come here for the community and to share interests with ppl. I prefer taking part on this one social networking site and contributing to it regularly rather than spreading myself thin and just coming to browse this one for mohawks - although I do at times as well.

If you encourage folk to just post mohawks or punkish pics, then the next step would be to say the forum should only have posts about them too. I don't think the site could survive very well like that - it needed broadening to retain folk and build up the community. There's only so much any of us can discuss about mohawks/punk.

So many ppl have joined and either post for a short time on mohawk stuff, then disappear once they have what they want.

The site's grown and become a good social networking site 'cause the topics now have broadened on it. There's been a time when the forum was nearly dead 'cause nearly everything mohawk/punk related had already been discussed. Folk hardly posted anything even.

So, I'm glad the site's come alive again because they're using it to representive themselves and interact with others through pictures of their pets, cars, stuff, etc...

Where I will agree with you is too many almost identical pics of faces without 'hawks (I don't mean the odd one to show who someone is without a hawk) and recycled pictures that are from google or other sites and not from someone's own life. The later should really limited to comments or inserted into profile texts or somewhere separate from the persons photos.

I've got a easy solution for you, though! Enter 'mohawk' in the Photo's Search box - that seems to strip out everything unrelated nicely and will save you time wading through unrelated pics. =)
Though, just testing that out and although it strips out the other stuff, not that many pics get returned - ppl don't bother tagging or the filter only scans the picture names, I guess.
I don't mind the pictures of their cats, I just don't like all the stupid memes and joke pictures. That should stay on 4chan, not here.
People can post whatever the fuck they want, this is a SOCIAL NETWORKING site first, and a site for punk pictures......well it isn't at all, so shut up and stop bitching.


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