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Other than Trainspotting, I am crazy about The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle.

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those are both great movies
I need to see that
What To Do Incase Of's in German but there's subtitles and it's pretty good and the music's kinda okay too. Check it out :)
Subberbia if thats kinda what yer looking for that was a good one kinda messed up but it was good
my faves in the 'genre'
Repo man - 1984 (good call Rev Mike), Desperately Seeking Susan- 1985 (ok, not punk, but more new wave, features the now-nauseasating Madonna), Sid and Nancy - 1986 (seen it half a million times), The Filth and the Fury - 1999/2000 (sex pistols documentary), Dogtown and Z-Boys - 2001 (not punk really, skateboarding doc)
<3 sid and nancy
I saw an interview once where Johnny Rotten said that 90% of Sid and Nancy was total fiction. He also said that the producer didnt even talk to him (being Sid's best friend and all), and that the producer only talked to a member of the clash to get most of his info for the movie and he got it from the newspapers as well
Suburbia and Repo Man
suburbia is the best movie ever lol
My favorite movie ever This is England. its about a little kid who grows up in england in the 1980s after getting picked on one day at school he gets befriended by a group of SHARP skinheads who are much older than him. He gets accepted into their group. When they're hanging out a house one day the leader of the group Woody's friend gets back from prison and comes back to be racist. The racist skinhead tries to get everybody else to be racist but it tears the group into two. The little kid goes with the racists but when his friend Milky gets beat up for being Jamacin (sp?) by the leader of the racists he finds out that racism is wrong and takes the white pride flag to ocean and throws it in. Oh yeah the kid turns racist because his dad died in the war and the leader convinces him that it was all the imigrants fault.
blates the best independant film made ever. So emotional and hard hitting
But you have jsut given away the whole movie to everyone!


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