Mohawks Rock

Doesn't have to be on MTV or the like...

Ones i like are Oxymoron 'Run from Reality'

The Restarts 'Timewaster'

The Rabble 'This world is Dead'

Plenty More but add ones you like!

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It's funny there's nothing special to the timewaster video but it's great. I think I slightly prefer Timewaster over Genetic Code
i was thinking about naming my band oxymoron. where have i been i never heard of them
Rancid- Ruby Soho. Love this vid, XD.

I read the title and thought:

casualties- get off my back

flogging molly- drunken lullabies

and there they are xD

YEEAAAH the rabble =] i love that song
ive seen them twice at rebelion festival but never just at one of there gigs.. there back for rebelion this year tho so i will be seing them again =]
These are ok, but NOTHING beats the MENTORS!!! This is a clip of El Duce's funniest drunk

for a claymation this video is amazingly well done

the dead milkmen one is my favorite :}
SEWAGE Circa Mid 90's doing the Tompkins Square Street Punk Anthem DETOX DOLL!

The Dead Milkmen video is great, but their video for Methodist Coloring Book is even better!

Heres a few of my favorites.


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