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I recently just learned of the death of one of our own members.  He was young and died of heart failure.  Odds are, he probably isn't the only one to pass away that has a profile on here, just the first that I have been told about. 

Death is still something I am working on wrapping my head around and grasping, as I have been fortunate to not have been around it a bunch in my life until recently with a few funerals and a memorial site I built for someone, then learning of this members death.

Should we, or how should we deal with death of members on this site?

Its a tough and sticky question complete with variations on what to do about even finding out about it, verification of details and does it matter how they died or who they were.

Very sticky questions indeed and something I'm interested in feedback from a lot of you.  As I mentioned in the mohawks rock state address of the website today, I get tons of ideas and form my thoughts around what many of you say.  This is definitely an area that needs direction and I hadn't really considered given that most on the site are pretty young and vibrant.


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I like to think we are a pretty close community here on MR, and when one of us dies we should do something for them.
I'm not THAT much of a troll!
I think it would be good to have some sort of honour roll for our fallen flag wavers , nothing too flash just their profile picture profile name and date they fell .
I think this is a great idea.
I think I'm goin' to side with RG on this one. Also, most members are too transient and isolated from getting involved, that in most cases it would just be a ritual rote as opposed to something with true feelings about that individual.

For an 'honour roll', for it to mean anything, you have to have known the people at least a bit. I would say it's inappropriate to express general sentiments on a site. Unless the member was well known through the site and the people here actually feel the loss of them.

As mentioned, verifying authenticity is a near insurmountable problem. I've experienced one 'virtual death' by another site's owner that now, years later has returned as 'alive' again. And that even included the original site shutdown and family members leaving comments and a fake memorial page that lasted for a long time...
Yikes, your experience with 'virtual death' is something that I feel would be very hard to determine and could present a negative, especially to have people come back from the dead when others actually were dead.

Another tricky question is trying to determine "importance" in the community. As you stated Kalos, many virtual community members are very transient in nature. This particular member was active for awhile in 2009, at least they have 97 comments on their wall, which is a decent number in my mind, but then again, how do you determine that, and then forum posts, comments and rating people. Ugh.

Maybe in the long run it will be good for those friends of a fallen mohawk rocker to create a group on here for them to share thoughts about their life. If there are enough friends that gather there and share that persons stories then that is a positive outcome. If the person was truly transient or no one really knew them, then they probably wouldn't have friends create a group.

By the way, the person who sparked this question is Johnny40
I agree with forming a "Group" in honor of individuals who pass.


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