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Well im sure that most of you here have had this before...Going out in public minding ur own fuckin business and when u look there either a kid or an old person staring at you. Like if theres fireworks coming outa ur hair hahahaha!!!


Well what i usually do is stare back with a wierd face until they look away, or i open my eyes really big and slowly give them a huge creepy smile. How do you deal with these mammals? 

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I figure they probably haven't seen a mohawk in person, and for meeee I'm a girl with liberty spikes. So I understand it's not a normal everyday thing :P I let em stare. It doesn't bother me much. One guy the other day walked into a tree staring at me.

hahaha a tree? thats awsome!! i really find it funny when people stare. i just stare back until they feel awkward hahaha. but i think i want to try the creepy smile thing sometime :)

Thumb up! satre back at those normal ppl :D :D

are you familiar with the term "eye fucking"? Its a hoot!

Fuck them on spot! thats right

Kill them with kindness! The more you smile the more it confuses them! I love breaking stereotypes. 

when people stare, ignore em' when they talk tell them off! if not just ignore them completely or give them a nice smile! it'll throw them off a bit, lol


 A rock in the desert stays cool, dig? 


 People usually respond better if you don't look standoffish/suspicious to them.. It's not really your problem if they think you're strange.

Meh, Im use to it, Ive got a fucked up face anywho (3rd degree burns over the right side of my face). So people stare'n at my hawk isnt that big of a deal to me. Dont let it bugg you, I dont.

Usually just stare at them until they either get uncomfortable or belligerent either way I have a good time with the "mammals" :)

i usually go like BOO! but that was when this woman and her kid went on a lawn and waited for me to walk by... 

well, nothing really. I know they stare cause "Punks are out of fashion?" somebody needs to explain this to me. but im always into my loud i pod so much that i look in their direction but not exactly at them... once i got yelled at that im violating her personal space :D :D


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