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short prelude: i started growing my hair from a one in september of 2010, got my mohawk in july of 2011.

now i've reached a crossroads. i don't know if i should cut my mohawk off. i haven't put it up in months cuz i'm pretty damn lazy, but i do like having it since it's a different hairstyle and if i want to put it up i can. does anyone have a firsthand experience on what it's like to cut off yer mohawk?

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It sucks. I had to shave mine off for a promotion but I immediately started regrowing my hair and cut it back into a Mohawk because I didn't feel like me. Ultimately it will come down to why you have a.Mohawk in the first place and how much you enjoy having it. Best of luck in your choosing. :)

you shouldnt cut it cause its really not even that long yet. plus u gotta wear it up for all the ppl that cant wear it up cause they live in repressed societies,families and households!! keep it for the ppl that cant keep it

i just cut the back of mine off. cause it was a foot and half tall plus i never spiked it. i just like the top half now and the shaved sides. its hair it grows back. keep it short and i promise you that youll be more willing to spike it then if it was as long as mine was. yeeeah my profile picture is from what it was at the best length but even then it was semi a hassle to spike it every day. 

i also cut mine in half for getting a job now. 

Don't do it! I shaved mine off awhile back, regretted it ever since. c:


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