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What are your thoughts?  That is definitely a unique styling of a mohawk, and not nearly as hard as a true fanned mohawk or liberty spikes, but it is definitely unique, and interesting that Japan now has the record for tallest mohawk.

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XD I've been playing pikmin a lot lately and actually thought of them seeing this dude too.

Impressive in height, although one should toss him a hint, a Akomeogi

or toss him a hoop :P

Snorkles! Ha ha ha, exactly. 

one spike is no mohawk^^

that is the worlds tallest mohawk plllllllllleaase  wth is wrong with the world that cant count that is bs that is the lamest mohawk lets see the worlds most badass mohawk award and have him or her piss on that guys award as ther reward lol

didnt anyone there just even think for one second ummmmmm thats not a mohawk you look like you have a terible cowlick and you should get the rest of that haircut or your money back lol 

im against hating on people for sure maybe he really likes his haircut but that is in no way a mohawk good sir

Put it up properly and I'll be impressed. I wouldn't call this much of a mohawk.

This isn't a mohawk. It's a joke. I don't think he deserves the title.

You guys take Mohawks really seriously.



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