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i am having the worst morning of my LIFE. i just really need to rant.

okay, so...... i just typed this huge long message and i was about to post it, and my computer decided to fuck up, so now i get to retype the whole thing.

anyway, i got dressed earlier, and i turns out that my favorite pants suddenly don't fit me. they're wayyy too tight now. what the hell? i just wore them a week ago and they fit fine. how did i get too fat for my pants in a week???

then, i noticed that my STUPID dog has been eating my dirty laundry. EATING it. WTF? so, along with some other things, a few of my favorite thongs are absolutely destroyed.

THEN i noticed something absolutely disgusting. I had left a small SEALED bag of candy on my floor, thinking it was fine because it was SEALED. turns out, a bunch of ants somehow managed to find their way into the bag, and my floor was COVERED in tiny nasty ants. sooo, i spent about ten minutes vacuuming them up and i threw out the bag of candy. came back to my room thinking it was gunna be fine, and about a hundred MORE tiny ants were all over the floor again. so, i've been sitting in my room since, with a mini-vac, watching as these ants come crawling out from under the baseboards, and sucking them up. i've been sitting here for another twenty minutes. and i'm SO pissed off.

AND, on top of that, i was planning to make myself a delicious breakfast, and now i don't have time since i've been vacuuming up these FUCKING STUPID ANTS.

holy shit, i've only been awake for an HOUR, what the fuck else is going to go wrong today.

oh, and yesterday, i got a lovely phone call from a guy who i haven't talked to or even thought of in at least a month, and he was yelling at me that he "KNOWS" that i think he likes me and he's "NOT INTERESTED, GET IT???" and im like WTFFFFFFFF i dont fucking care, and he continued to yell at me, and hung up on me, and then i got to go write an exam 3 minutes later.


yeahh.. just needed to rant.

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oh, and i quickly tried to make myself some breakfast, and in doing so, i broke a glass, burned a pan, and spilled mustard all over the counter.
oh shit, that sucks bad.

but i always see it as a kind of a good thing that bad days happen to me, usually when i have a really bad day, a day in the near future is really good.

for example, i was having a really shitty day a few weeks back, and 2 days later my friend messaged me "hey im getting metallica tickets Saturday, you down" i told him i don't have any money and hes replayed "well its going on a credit card, so you can pay me whenever you do get money". so i paid him the Thursday after, and just received my ticket.

everyone has shitty days, you jsut gotta look on the bright side, it is only 24 hours worth :P

also, ill be there Saturday haha.
true :D

and i'm sooo looking forward to saturday.
hmmm... but tomorrow seems confusing lol.
im supposed to go to the mandarin with my family at 6
but then there's that mad sin show which i beliiiieve starts at 830 (thats what i was told)
and i kinda wanna go to that, but if i do go, i would have to stop by my friends place, and bus it from there.
which would mean that i'd be late, and make my friend late also... and i dunno if he's cool with that.


but the day has improved since i left my house :P
you can always talk to your friend, or even meet him there though?
just ask him if he had planned on being early/just on time for the show, tell him your predicament.
worst comes to worst just tell him youll see him there?

also jealous your going o the manderian,i love that place.
yeah, but i need to leave my car at his place, and then bus it from there.
and im terrible with busses :S

and gahhh i can't get in touch with his... it's actually rather annoying......
shit hope I don't come back as an ant :( what a way to go , death by dustbuster :)
I vacuumed a spider once, and we have one of those water collection tubs for it and the spider was inside out. Yeah the legs tucked in through its chest cavity.

lol. that's actually really really gross.
someone could have washed your pants? that would make them shrink.. if thats the case you just need to stretch them out again..wear them around the house for a day and theyll be back to normal

keep your dirty laundry in a basket with a top or in your closet and your doggie wont be able to snack on them

theres this type of chalk stuff that ants wont cross..its like a poison line to them.. invest in some and chalk it ALL around the baseboards and windows to your room (and all around their little holes where they come in from) if you have an ant problem once and they have a way to get in ANYTHING you leave in their (food and drinks, even pet food, and sometimes water) will bring them back in. i used to have a HUGE ant problem in my old its my sisters problem ;)

ive been having alot of days like this lately with my kittens around.. its hard, but you gotta pick yourself up and keep pushing through the day. try not to let it drag you down doll! i hope it was only a bad day for you and not a month like its been for me =/
or the normal hormone cycle can also make pants fit wonky now and again
fucking bloating and water retention

All in all, I'm sorry to hear about the bad day :-(. I hope the future is better!
yeah..and then theres that crap.. blarg, dont remind me XD

on average people lose and gain 2 pounds throughout everyday.. just from eating, drinking, using the restroom, etc. i always thought that was kinda intresting
OH I know isn't just awful? ;)


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