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As promised, here is a comparison on what number of people got what types of gifts for Xmas.


Items Xmas 2010 Xmas 2011
Books 0 2
Boots 5 2
Cameras 2 0
Chocolates 2 4
Clothes 8 10
Drinks 4 2
Food 3 3
Gadgets 5 5
Games 0 2
Instruments 2 0
Jewelery 2 3
Money 6 3
Music 3 0
Sneakers 1 0
Styling 1 5
Tattoo 1 1
Toys 1 1
Period 0 1


Clothes come out top both years, surprisingly no music this year (as far as I spotted) and chocolates went up and drink went down! :O  heh  As they say, stats ain't so useful! :)

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Jodi needs to go into comedy XD But Interesting Comparison, next year we should see what happens as well. I would like to see how the economy affects gift trends but it may be hard as we are all from very different countries and we don't have a huge sample group. I Guess We'll have to wait and see

I agree always better to give than receive lol but on a serious note I have the worst wrapping ever it usually gets about as much of a reaction as the gift itself XD

Actually, I've got a couple backlog threads on previous years to add at some point - if I find myself bored. :)


But I agree, it will be interesting.  I'm expecting periods to increase... ;)

Lol I can see it now *news headline* "Periods increase as economic hardship increases. Coincidence?"


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