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Your Favorite Top Ramen recipies Please!!!!!

I eat an incomprehensible amount of top ramen, and after awhile just using the flavor packets gets really boring (I am actually eating dinner, you guessed it, Ramen as I type this) sooooooooo! I want all of your favorite ramen recipes!!!!



Momofuku Ando the creator of ramen noodles died on January 5, 2007. He was a Taiwanese-Japanese businessman who founded Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd. He is famed as the inventor of instant noodles and cup noodles!

I am sad that he passed away but I am thankful *sniff* to be one of the many who keep his legacy alive.

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dude asian hot chili sauce mixed with chicken ramen. the best!
i like roast chicken with tobasco red or green sauce and possibly mince some bratwurst and mix it in.

Do you have Nong Shim noodles? Kimchi is their best ever, and it tastes great.

A few drops of that hot sauce with the rooster on it, possibly some fish squares/balls..

Lime and some kind of asian mint, try Vietnamese Pho, you'll like it.


Ramen in beef broth, possibly with a boiled egg on top. Bok choy, steeped in soy sauce.

Dried tofu steeped in soy sauce/pork broth optional.


Teriyaki anything is good with ramen too.



I put sesame seeds in everything, its awesome. i like yum yum noodles best though, spicyyy
sometimes i had a bit of butter, soy sauce, then slab them noodles on a tortilla and enjoy with some shredded cheese :D
ooh nice one. I have to try that.
Am I the only one that thinks top ramen is gross? Lol
yeah apparently
ramen+taco bell hot sauce


 The 'ramen burrito'


 -take package of ramen, smash the shit out of the noodles.

-open one side of the package, extract flavor packing, empty contents into crumbled noodle mess if desired.

-pour a moderate amount of water into bag. maybe less than 1/8th of the total package.

-roll the bag tight, roll a good layer of paper towel around it.

-pop in microwave for about... three minutes or so, you should end up with a firm tube of flavored noodles..


 We did this at the institution.... ramen noodles were a commodity.. like cigarettes..

One time I made this asian-style soup with ramen noodles. What you do is sweat off some garlic and ginger in about a tablespoon of butter, make sure to not brown the garlic! Then add a shitton of mushrooms. Any and all types, shitake, oyster, button, make it at least a cup and a half of these mushrooms and make sure to thinly slice them. Add sesame seed oil (not more than a half teaspoon) and actual sesame seeds (1tsp) and cook down the mushrooms until all of their liquid has evaporated (about 20 minutes) and then add 2 cups of chicken stock, 1/2tsp thyme, add salt and pepper to taste, and bring to a boil. Add 1/4 cup green onions and a packet of ramen noodles, remove from heat, and cook until noodles are al dente! yum :)

i dice bits of cooked meat into it and crack an egg in while it's boiling. eggs will go well with any flavor just stir it in and it'll get all scramble-y in the water. i like eggs though. delicious. nomnom.


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