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I've looked around and I don't think there's a thread like this on here..soo..

How was your first ever punk rock show? :)

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offspring i gusse, was 2000 i think, great show, i was only 10 lol
Haha, it was my band at the time, and band now... The only local band around my area that Isn't Deathcore, or a John GAYer cover band..
Control disorder.
Social Distortion like 3 years ago at the house of blues. Amazing. They only get better every time
My first punk show was the Misfits at Janus Landings.
It was pretty fucking awesome.
Those are the worst. D:/body>
Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and Twopointeight all in the same show... pretty much a party got soaked in beer lol!
It was Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest, and the punk band I remember falling in love with was The Circle Jerks. My first circle pit, too.
Circle Jerks are the shit. HARDCORE!
when i first went to a concert it was a locals show that was mostly punk bands and the whole place was packed but everyone but me and a couple others were members of bands that played there and everyone was friends i miss the days of being able to walk into a pit with a smoke in my hand
Ramones Birthday Bash '04
Don't quite remember the bands that were there, besides The Dickies.
I got to meet all of the then surviving Ramones, including Johnny just a few months before he died.
To my 13yr old self, that was the coolest thing ever.
I'll consider this I guess. My first punk concert was warped tour 08. Not too many punk bands there, But the ones that were there were awesome. Protest the Hero was kick ass, I love that band. And the other was an all japanese girl band still in high school. I dont know how to spell their name, Oreskaband. Its japanese for we are a ska band. lol


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