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yeah, i had speak with much of than,i fight with a lot of these idiots
there words are stupid and there idioligy is a fault

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I live in texas...they're everywhere. It normally starts with a debate and ends with a fight. -.-
what part of texas do you live in? I live in texas too and I've only ever met one

nahahhaaaa i live in texas too..  ^^

... dont mind meh im just creepin through

My mother's family, while not Jewish, were persecuted by the Nazis and the SS. They fled to the US immediately after the war from eastern Germany - they didn't relish the Stalinists, either.

I find their supremacy beliefs disgusting. Just ignore them - that bothers them more than anything. Attention just feeds their need for 'power'.
i dont think so, when they are ignorancet then they could handle like they want
the nazis are a minority here in this part of Oklahoma so for the most part they keep their ideologies to themselves, however i have seen a couple of swastikas at the punk shows i've played at. i personally believe in unity and nonviolence but if i saw them committing a hate crime i'd do something to stop it... i dont indulge them with debate over their misguided beliefs i just roll my eyes and walk away, while i know them to be wrong its not my place to force my ideals upon them, its all about free will.
Nah I am fortunate enough to live in a place where there are no nazis. Well at least the ones that show it off or talk about it in public. So we're fortunate for that, but that doesn't mean that the rich kids dont keep their thoughts on social staus to themselves -.-
i have been threatened by numerous nazis but i think they are just idiot stormfronters.................
There are very few nazis in southern California. We're too much of melting pot for many of those white supremacist jackasses to cope. If some one does try something stupid, they're quick to get beaten down.
I'm definitely moving to Cali when I'm old and rich enough to move. But right now I live in North Carolina, where theres not as many people who are really nazis but still quite a lot of racist assholes. Whenever I go out of the triangle theres like confederate flags absoloutely everywhere. But as for nazis I've only really ran in to them at concerts and online, but for the most part I don't argue with them or hurt them (mostly cause I'm usually a 3rd of their size and I feel like remaining intact). If one of them was actually picking on someone though.
in like the Venice, HB area i do believe there is a huge skinhead following. Don't quote me on the exact place but i know it is near the Venice\ OC area
im talking about the Hollywood and Van Nuys area. im going to assume the closer to the border the fewer skins there would be. being that most of them are pussies and wouldnt want to start shit with the gangs around here


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