Mohawks Rock

Tenative set list and stuff:

Here are the tentative time slots for the show -
330 - Doors open
500 - 530 - Long Drop
550 - 620 The Klix
640 - 710 - The Havnotz
730 - 800 - No Account
820 - 850 - Sick As Death
910 - 940 - Combat Crisis
1000-1030 - Doomed Youth
1050 - 1130 - Mouth Sewn Shut
1145 - 1245 Copyright Chaos

There is a bar down stairs that will be open for 21+

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Note some bands appear to have been dropped!
And they still could add bands.


and well, everyone else.
9 bands.....thats a long ass show. haha. Any idea who's been dropped? I'll probably just go at 5...I'm gonna make sure I get my $10 worth! haha
Bust it cause they "broke up"...but I think they are now long drop?

recently, if it involves coy graf I haven't really been paying attention (outside of stressbomb)
Oh yeah...bust it was supposed to play. Long drop is a different band. Bust it was Jim Chaos and Coy and some other guys. Long Drop is Johnny Arson, Carlo, and now Jim Chaos, but Jim just joined recently. Coy hasn't been in stressbomb for a while. I think that kid brandon took his place. Anyway, I'll see you at the show.
Yeahh... coy was out a long time ago. Brandon is pretty cool apparently, haha.

see ya!
Alright, I just got a message from Soul Reapin 3 - they are now playing.

They think around 7 pm. If you haven't yet, check them out! I saw them when I saw the horrorpops. Nice boys, really


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