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How many shirts do you currently own from a hot topic??

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4 of the 9 shirts I got are from hot topic, one doesnt fit and I never wear it (Deicide shirt my fucking grandma got me 7 years ago). One I traded for some other shirt 6 years ago(Dimmu Borgir). And two I bought 2 years ago in San Antonio (DB,Immortal) .
haha i have a shitload cuz the employee discount was 40%. and shoes too. I'd only buy when clearance went on markdowns. I got like 3 pairs of shoes, bondage pants, and a ton of shirts for $30. gotta love discount shit that no one else wants.
Zero. Wouldn't even find one that I liked if I ever got hit in the head hard enough that I thought of buying there. All mine are gotten online through the band or their label, from friends, are handpainted, and at tours (most of my collection comes from bands like the guys in Instant Asshole that play at the local punk houses here and sell them for $5)
uhh i've never bought one ha XD
my brother bought me one
and sadly a guy that worked there was all pissed beacuse he got fired so i got a free casualties shirt hahah
i just got one cuz its a ren and stimpy shirt and that show kicks ass, but stole it so it was the 5 finger discount so the store got no money from me ahhahahaa
Just 1 and it was before i knew how to DIY shirts and it's a black flag shirt
2: one my friend bought me and one I stole
ive stolen everything else Ive gotten from hottopic
zero shirts. a few pants but there all miss sells meaning they whernt actualy ment to be sold at hot topic and were on the walls back when the walls had some good stuf on them just for show rly. usualy super small sizes only which i just happen to fit in so i got em for like 5 bux between the fo hardcore black trips and band shirts that we dont even fn know and the im a fake ass new version of an emo kid eras where hot topic whent from "well at least its dark in here" to"holly crap my eyes are burning out of there sockets" . i also have random asesories like invader zim and skullanimals and dead dolls. but most of it i got like 5 -9 years ago. oh i also got a kilt but who wouldnt?
just my misfits and bad religion shirts are from there
and i got those like... 2years ago??
just one, a misfits shirt.
zero. I try hard to stay away from big chain stores. Especially that one. Selling punk rock in the mall? fuck that.
plus if i even venture near it i undoubtably run in to ten little brats who think theyre just the coolest most rebelious things to ever walk the earth cuz they like paramore, and ten more people that i already know and don't get along with.
My friend stole something for me from hot topic once and even that went straight to the trash.

think bunch of us use the five finger discount card....get shit for fuckn free  why the fuck not


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