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So today I went bowling with some friends who were in town for the holidays, and this girl who also had a Mohawk caught my eye. I noticed her staring because she was only a few steps away so I complimented her on her Mohawk because it was a cool color turquoise and she just gave me the cold shoulder and walked away. I am certain she heard me which makes me wonder either how I went wrong or why she didn't have the decency to say thank you or even a smile. I don't know maybe I am just overthinking it but it got to me I suppose I am just venting because I am used to punks and Mohawk rockers being generally friendly toward one another. Thanks for making it this far :)

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Comment by Kobalos on April 3, 2012 at 5:30pm

That was rude of her. :S  I guess some people just don't know how to react politely and with manners to a compliment.


I've had people ignore me too when I've given them compliments - but only online - not in real-life.  Usually in real-life I've found they still have the decency to reply.  It doesn't take much to say: 'Thanks!'.  Esp. if they have something in common like a mohawk too.


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