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Mohawks Rock. Population 2,000 and Climbing.

Creating her account on, the social network for mohawks, Leanne Piatt became the 2,000th person to join the city of mohawks. She is a bonafide mohawk rocker with her mohawk and easy-to-spot fantastically, wild hair colors. Leanne, 18, who also says you can call her "LeNn" hails from Plymouth Massachusetts and will be attending a school for cosmetology in the fall. Judging by her personal style, spiked hair and lively colors, she'll be a great addition for that school and already is for Mohawks Rock!

Mohawks Rock launched on November 15, 2007 and immediately starting gaining traction and attention. At the time, instructions on how to make a mohawk or make liberty spikes, were sporadically thrown together on random sites and pages, while certainly not covering the gamut of variety in extreme hairstyling. Mohawks Rock sought to fill that void. Instead of developing a monolithic sage-on-stage presentation, a vibrant community was born attracting citizens with colorful characters, great hair advice and everyone's recommendations their favorite hair products.

The mohawk city has many tourists that do not always decide to engage and join, but like The Rambla in Barcelona they are always entertained and informed by the citizenry. With over 250,000 visitors from 174 countries it is no wonder the population is so diverse and continues its rapid growth, doubling in the last 6 months.

Compound that diverse population explosion with the massive amount of information distributed in the forums, chat rooms, blogs, music selections, videos, event calendars and 10,000+ mohawk photos and now mohawkers now finally have a place to call "home".

While the city grows, so does it neighborhoods. Members spawn off their own groups spanning across the board, developing areas for the Educated Punks, the Ska Lovers, obviously a requisite Mr. T Fan Club and even a club for those who love the Camdentown, London store Cyberdog, which looks like a future sculpted from 1980s pop-culture.

The most popular neighborhood belongs to the Girl 'hawks group with over 220 members. Some may find that surprising but Mohawks Rock visitors are over 55% female. You will find plenty of women with a variety of extreme hairstyles and mohawks. This popularity only builds when albums like girls with mohawks get compiled together to show all the different styles of mohawks, spikes and shavings the ladies create.

November 15th marks International Mohawk Day, so check back after halloween and you will see free mohawk haircut events offered around the globe. That may not be your style but do not be surprised when you see a few more mohawks walking around on the "Ides of Mo-vember". At the very least you may see some people wearing their mohawks rock t-shirts showing that they have visited or are one of the thousands of the Mohawks Rock Nation at

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Comment by Segadoway on May 15, 2009 at 3:24am
Comment by Sweetshortz on May 18, 2009 at 4:27pm
Nov. 15 is my b-day, now i can celebrate that and international Mohawk day, YAY!


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