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At 1:06pm on September 17, 2009, Adam, Mohawked LMT said…
Well you'll probably be able to pick me out today. Good Luck!
At 11:45am on August 27, 2009, Adam, Mohawked LMT said…
Sweet! I'm head coach of Bartlett this season so we'll probably see each other!
At 11:30am on August 20, 2009, Adam, Mohawked LMT said…
how goes it fellow alaskan? how was your first day of school?
At 12:10pm on May 1, 2009, Electric-Snizel said…
Yup, no gel ..
At 7:13am on April 30, 2009, Electric-Snizel said…
Hi ^^
i hope i can help u with this..

Make sure you`re hair is fluffy..

I send u a Youtube video:
This how to make a spike mohawk but also u can see how many hairspray u need

i hope it help u alote
and u can search all over youtube if u want

i hope i helpt u with this..

At 11:14pm on April 15, 2009, Hangman XIII said…
Lol that's fine. It's a good series though. The only ones you really need to see are the first and last ones. Have you seen Narnia?
At 5:49am on April 5, 2009, Hangman XIII said…
Lol, wow I can't say I've been so lucky lately. My friend took me to the movies. He paid :\. It's just 'cuz I'm broke though. Saw Fast & Furious. It was pretty good, I'd recommend it.
At 6:55am on April 4, 2009, Hangman XIII said…
Ah yeah. Me too. Minus the sides. I just shaved the sides down to my skin today. A friend helped. And when I get some zinc I'll let you know how it goes, lol.
At 6:33am on April 1, 2009, Hangman XIII said…
Muchas gracias mi amiga. :D I really want it to grow out though. It's bugging me with how short it is. It's growing quick though, just not quick enough. :P I hear zinc is good for that though.
At 7:31am on March 30, 2009, Hangman XIII said…
Yeah, it's pretty fun. But you always gotta make sure you have money. Es muy importante. :D
At 7:25pm on March 29, 2009, Hangman XIII said…
It's not problem lol. And what's crazier is since then I went on another trip and got another tattoo! A clover on my left forearm. It was spring break. It was great. And I do love my star, it's pretty cool. :D And I got my mohawk back! Sooner than I thought. It's short and purple lol.
At 6:07pm on March 19, 2009, Adam, Mohawked LMT said…
At 1:29pm on March 19, 2009, Lady HellFire said…
Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday, here's to Pisces!
At 7:02pm on February 23, 2009, Adam, Mohawked LMT said…
OOOOO did you see we're up to 3 members in the 907 elite group!!
At 4:20pm on February 13, 2009, S. Letell said…
wuts up
At 12:50pm on February 13, 2009, Hangman XIII said…
Ok ok ok, here goes. :D

Friday night/Saturday morning, my friends and I got bored. Really bored. We needed something to do, so we sat around and planned it out. We could blow something up... no. We could... nah, that would be boring... Let's just up and go to Florida! Yeah! So we did.
The only planning we did was how to get there. It was about 4 in the morning and we were diligently on Mapquest trying to the way to Pensacola, Florida from Horn Lake, Mississippi. Once we had the directions we threw some stuff in the back of my friend's Bravada and we were off.
It was just the three of us, and one of us was sleep deprived by over 24 hours... and driving. But he was way too wired to sleep. I road shotgun about halfway there, then the other one switched places with me and I road in the back the rest of the way. It was a fun 7 1/2 hours.
Anyway, we finally made it by about 11 am, friend still no sleep. But our first mission, seek out a coastal beach! Pensacola's a coastal city so it was too hard, in fact they had a whole kind of resort dealy set aside for the called (what else) Pensacola Beach! :D Anyway, we parked found some shops to get some flip flops and swim shorts. (Oh, haha side story; we went into a convenience store to try and find some cold meds for my throat. Anyway, we walked and I noticed this girl behind me. I turned around and she's like "OMGOMGOMG!!! Can I touch your hair!" I just laughed to myself, looked slightly bewildered and said," ...Uh, sure" *touch touch* Then she kinda just giggles and runs off.)
Anyway, we got all that stuff and went straight to the beach and had a grand 'ol time just playing on the beach. Then, we got hungry and left in search of food. We had to call my friend back home to find where all their food places were. We ate at a Hunan's (which we have a home but this one was better) and we ate all we could. :D 'Twas tasty. Then we figured it'd be a good idea to get a hotel, since sleeping in his car, while ttly hxc, did not seem like a good idea in the grand scheme of it.
So, we got our hotel and drove around some looking for other things to do. So... we went to the beach again! My friends battled waves and I watched them. And enjoyed the sand.
After a while it started to get a little dark and cold so we headed back to the car and left for more adventures. First, we went back to the hotel for a quick wash, get all that nasty salt water off us. Then, since we had talked about it so much, we decided to find a tattoo shop and check out what they had. We happened to go to the one that was supposedly expensive, but we didn't care, this trip was awesome and we had to remember it somehow.
So we go there and we're lookin' kinda unimpressed to be honest. After a while though one of the employees came up to us and struck up a conversation. We were kinda leery about him at first, I mean, he's an employee so he's probably more of a salesman. Anyway, we get to talking to him and he's got all these video game tattoos on his arms, mostly old school stuff like Pac Man and Metroid and a new school one of Resistance Fall of Man, the little grenade with a smiley face pin. He was pretty cool. We ended up telling him our story, how we just up and packed some stuff and came down. He was pretty impressed. He was like," Man, that's a great story. You guys gotta get something while you're here. If I were an artist I'd give you tats for free but I'm just the general manager so I can't. But if you come back tomorrow between 10 and 1 it's a great time to come in." So we did. We went back the next day, the day we're leaving, and we wait around so we can get a tattoo. My friend sees one of the artists go into the deli next door and he goes and talks to him and again he hears our story and was impressed as well and said he could get us a hookup. We wait around and we all get tattoos. My friend who brought us got the Monster M on his arm, my other friend got a really great looking cross on his arm and I got a purple and black nautical star on my leg.
After got our new tattoos we absconded to a local eatery where we feasted on Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese and left for home. About 8 hours later we had made it back from our awesome adventure. And that's my story.
At 5:42pm on February 9, 2009, cole said…
nothin much t chillin out u?
At 5:58am on February 9, 2009, Hangman XIII said…
You have no clue... Man, I'm doing so awesome right now. Ah! It's great! I'll tell you all about it when I get on next, for now I'm uber tired and uber happy.
Yeah, I'll fill you in tomorrow. :D
At 6:42am on February 5, 2009, Hangman XIII said…
Yeah, I'm still mostly sick but I was well enough to work today, which is good. It's mostly down to coughing, slight sore throat, and congestion so it's the end part of it.
Yeah, after watching most of the first season... that's pretty much it. Sex, drugs, and drama, lol. Oh well, it's entertaining I guess. I like The Office better though.
At 3:49am on February 4, 2009, Hangman XIII said…
Well thanks, in that case I like your taste too.
Um, heh, school ended for me a while ago. I kinda dropped out and got my GED. Not something I'm totally proud of but not something I totally regret either. I wasn't going anywhere in school, even though everyone kept saying how smart I was. I had been in the same grade for too long so I decided enough's enough and I took the school's offer to get me my GED. I passed with flying colors and I've been living by the seat of my pants ever since. That was late 2007. Wow, I just realized I've lived a whole year out of school. Trippy.
I've been pretty sick lately though. The past couple of days I've been planted on my ass hacking my throat up. I've got a sever cold, I think. My throat so sore it hurts like hell to swallow, I can't breath when I'm sleeping which forces me to sleep with my mouth open (Eugh!) and for some reason my ears are plugged up or messed up, I'm not sure, so I can't really keep balanced too well. Oh, and I haven't been able to work for a couple days, which sucks. But I have been watching a lot of The Office. Good show. I'm about to watch Weeds too. Haven't seen it before so I'm not sure what exactly to expect, other than marijuana.

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