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had an argument with a kid today about that. i think pot is worse than cigarettes. im not for sure though. You guys should give me some good reasons for either side.

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I'd say cigarettes are worse 'cause there's a shit tonne of chemicals added
and weed is just something that grows. I could be wrong about it being
less harmful, but it's never been linked to cancer.

Cigarettes are kind of pointless though.
Honestly, I gotta say I'd rather sit around and smoke pot and cigarettes. Pot actually has a real noticeable effect on you. You never hear about people sitting around telling stories about the time they "Got totally wasted on cigarettes man. It was crazy." That doesn't happen.
And everything I've heard about pot v. cigs is in favor of pot. True, you're inhaling smoke on both things, BUT pot that you usually buy isn't loaded with any chemicals. And considering gasoline is just waste products, I can believe that cigarette companies can put all that crap into their product.
You never hear of anyone ODing on marijuana or any real death related to marijuana other than the pointless drug busts of it.

But that's just my two cents.
The sad part is, sometimes, you can buy pot that has chemicals (i skimmed, so forgive me if this has been said)

People will lace drugs you buy if they are smart, cause if they use the right things in it, you can become addicted to what is in it, and you'll buy more to satisfy the cravings. Therefore keeping them in business and all of that.

What about menthol cigarettes, ftw? Those are NASTY for ya.
cigs are a lot worse. the "pot has more tar" argument is actually a misconception. when tested the whole pant was burned to test the amount of tar, any pothead would know you only smoke the buds, one regular weed has on average(per joint/cigarette ratio) around 1/3 of the tar.
weed has a small impact on your lungs, not as much as cigarette(not NEARLY as much), it has more of an impact on your brain/nerves. however cigs go a lot worse the pot(includes sexual problems, like over 9000 different cancers and a huge stress advocate)
on top of all that, 1/1 cigs are worse, and when smoking 1/2/3/4 packs a day, its defiantly gonna be worse.
In terms of lung damage, NOT cancer, one joint is equal to four cigs. Bongs are a lot cleaner smoke tho (no paper), but since its still raw and hasn't been proccesed, it MAY be worse than cigs. But, personally, weed tastes, smells, and gets me high better than cigs XD
oh, and vaporizers kick ass. Both ways.
I'm straight edge but would say cigarettes are worse, weed has 5X more tar, etc. but you smoke more squares than you would smoke weed
if you inhale any small particles that get into your Alveoli then it's bad , you are on the fast track to COAD , fact is that any small particle you breath into your Alveoli will stay there for life , this includes cigarettes , pot , fire smoke , dust and hair spray , :)
Colour hairspray or spiking hairspray, i have heard colour hairspray you should take coffee pills...
yep Lena remember a p2 mask is best :)
p2 mask?

does P2 refer to the size of the particle blocked by the mask?
yep it tells you how fine the filter is , they are made by 3M and are a very good particulate filter and cheap .


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