Mohawks Rock not hair length =p

i'd wager a bet i'm the shortest dude here

5'3" without the 'hawk
...with remains to be seen, I haven't put mine up yet.
[well i cut my own hair once, but it was a fauxhawk and i didn't measure myself, so it doesn't count]

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i dont weigh much either. (115 lbs =/ )

but as a gag, i throw my girl over my shoulders and squat her lol
Well if being short really bothers anybody, you could get boots like I'm getting!

Yeah, 4" of platform on the bottom XD
holy shit that's a serious boot!
I know! It should be coming in the mail in a few days. *can't wait!!*
last time i checked im 5' 7" this makes me feel better about my height x]
Mine is about 18cm(i had it longer and shorter too)but i think 15cm-20cm is the perfect size.
You're only 18 cms tall?! (btw this discussion is about height, not hair height)
im 5'6 but my boyfrend is 6'2 .. i never felt very short until he moved in with me :P
I'm slightly under 5' 4" now.
But the shorter the better, aye? That means you have more clearance when your hair comes in. teehee

(But I think I was destined to be tall. I was this height at 11 or 12. Then had a lovely biking accident. haha)
Woot I am 6'2'' and I am 15 and still growing :D
Share? Please?
aaah smite me =]

being short rocks!

and khaos is right, extra clearance when driving xD


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