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started a new jacket, and i'm sick of cutting my fingers while putting studs in. any suggestions on easyer ways to stud a leather jacket.

also, lets compare vests and jackets

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i love it. and the the fact that its white makes it that much cooler
Agreed! White leather is my favorite medium of anything. I love it sooo much, haha. It's just more crisp.

Is yours denim or leather? :-) (asking cause of the bleach pen reference)
You're welcome! /drools =]
Your missing a stud! Right side, second row. If you care that is! Sweet shit though. Love your leftover crack backpiece!
fuckin° rad
a jacket i been working on for awhile, i still need to do some stuff to the front, also wanna fill in around the casulties patch with studs like i did around the OI patch.

thats such a nice white leather jacket too. i need one :P
i just finished my first leather jacket:

painstakingly painted with waterproof acrylic, freehand over the course of a month or two, and studded with a stud tool/ leather punch but i had to bend all the studs on the sleeves by hand, as far as doing that easy i'd just reccomend a pair of gloves with rubber grip on the palm/fingers, you still will get blisters though, just not as bad.

trust me, there's a lot more detail than it looks, i could show you zoomed in pics if you want xDD

and here's a vest i did with good ol' bleach and then traced it with sharpie and colored with sharpie [i've been afraid to wash it but apparantly soaking it in vinegar keeps the color in?] took me about 6 hours to color and such, it's been done like that for months and i haven't patched it or done anything else to it... again, more detail than the pictures lead on


thanks : ] everyone seems to like the mushrooms at the bottom, and i don't know how many comments i got asking me if i was some crazy druggie lol. and if people ask if the vest is snot, i just say it's zombie vomit
Awsome jacket and vest man! I have the same jacket EXACTLY the same one, cant fuckin believe it lol. Currently studding/painting mine, what sort of paint is best on it??

heres my jacket.. not done but its a working progress..
had the leather one for around 9 years


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