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I suppose punkrock is a obvious answer, but in addition to that?
Or mayby any special band?

My favourite genres is death metal, grindcore/goregrind and what we in sweden call "käng" (d-beat/hardcorepunk).

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i saw infected mushroom at the electric daisy carnival last year, was pretty awesome :]
becoming insane is my second favorite song. you rock XD
i listen to just about everything except for gangsta-im-gonna-drink-sum-40s-and-fuck-some-hoes crap rap and death metal..
besides punk i like norwegian black metal and some goth
clasic rock and SKA : )
hmmm...i think i´m the only member her with a complete different taste ;-))

i like german music calls "schlager"....i think most of you don´t know how it sounds..
and then i like country-music too and sometimes dance

but jazz and hiphip are the only genres for my ears which never sounds good (anyway in hip-hop-videos there are beautiful girls ;-))
I know what "schlager" is, in fact, in Latvia we have šlāgermūzika (schlagermusic) or šlāgeri - about the same, only in latvian. Well, i'm not really into that, but I thought i'd just point out the fact.. :)
Doom and stoner metal/hard rock stuff mainly, like orange goblin and black label society, crowbar, down, corrosion of conformity, pantera, damageplan and rebel meets rebel. love singing johnny cash in the pub when im pissed tho!
I'm mostly into all punk, including ska and crust, but i still stay with my first musical love METAL. All metal like Cannibal Corpse, Cephalic Carnage, All Shall Perish, Vital Remains, Unearth, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, etc. along with that I do get in the occasional rap, alt. and classical.
punk n anarcho, (antifa) Oi! ska reggae some folk n stoof haah spanish rumbas :D and gogol bordello they get a genre of there own!
Industrial, Trance, Dance, Metalcore, alot of my favorite bands are just local bands from around where i live. and then I like some stuff that is out of my usual musical taste.


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