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hey ugh look iv had ma hawk for like 7 months its about 7 inches now and like i use got to be glued and all but its stays up for say 4 hours and if it humid or i sweat a bit it like sags down.... i reaely wanna know how to like make it stay up for extreme conditions and time...any help?

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spray the base of the hawk more than the top ! Then hair dry the base. the foundation will (should () keep it up as long as you treat it enough. Hope this helps.
that would make sence lol i usually take some glue and rub on both palms and straight up but ima try to start with base and then work up how long it take u to do urs ? cuz its lookin great
use hairspray!

I love you, you know exactly what is on my mind when I read these things.
And I'll advocate hairspray over anything else, due to experience.
do it work on a jew fro ? lol cuz like i got slight curly hair and yea
Works on mine! I've got some of the thickest, curliest, coarsest hair you can imagine.

Dry hair first. Apply hairspray to dry hair in sections. Dry each section, make it connect with the others before it. Make sure you are drying the product completely (as well as your hair).
aight well ima try it out this weekend thanks to u and all the ppl for there advice and any specific brand hairspray?
I normally use aquanet.

Here is a short list of what I normally read:
aquanet (max. hold) normally unscented
rave 4x
bigsexyhair (expensive as all get out @ an average of $17/can)
bed head (hard head???)

I've used all of those, they've all worked the same for me, haha.
bed head hard head hairspray is my favorite! works wonders
I find bleaching (although doesn't do much for the condition of your hair), helps a lot with making it stay upright - dries hair out and so it stands better. Maybe because it's more porous, it can absorb hairspray better too? Don't know about that...but it's a theory. =)
yea id doo that but i just dyed ma hair red and black so if i bleach it will take a few times no?
I suspect with the black in it, yeah. Though, depends on your natural hair colour too.


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