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are idiots, give me a valid reason to hate hippies and i will withdraw this last statement and apoligise.

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and your very much making this a personal issue. i simply stated my opinion on an asked subject matter. and there is implication in that statement that you hate nazis.
so effing what? really? cmon kid you dont want to make this a personal thing, i havent said anything cross to you. amd as for the americans being ugly and fat well thats pretty much true. if you think you can offend me try a littler harder.
I don't think that she's trying to offend you at all. You're doing a pretty good job of making yourself look like an ass.

Other than that she's trying to make you understand her very true point. If you take her view as offensive, than so be it... but don't get your undies in a bunch. Geez Louise...
Well thats a stupid stereo type, I'm skinny as hell and I live in America. I wouldn't call myself good looking except for the fact that most of the people who have commented on my looks have said that I am. Stereotypes are stupid.

And although I don't always get along with hippies I know that what you are saying about them is bullshit; they don't just sit around and smoke, they protest and try to lead through example (anti-war protest+fighting= one messed up message). Their music stands for something too, and although usually I don't like listening to it because it bores doesn't mean I'm going to outright insault it.
Oh, I wish I saw this sooner! You are too funny
Agreed, i hate Nazis because of their views they just don't make sense and won't lead to anything. But not everybody that's bald is a Nazi. Some hippies are dumbshits but some punks are dumbshits, its people. Plus you can't hate hippy music, Jimmy Fuckin Hendrix!
i can't STAND hippy music; it hurts my brain. my parents mostly listened to 50's music and i used to listen to old phonograph records of music from the 20s-40s growing up. i had an uncle whose name was "uncle hippie", no lie. another uncle was a draft dodger and ran his entire life to avoid paying the price for that and only recently, in his fifties, got himself clean (off drugs). "uncle hippie" did a shitload of drugs... that's how he died.
ok well maybe you can hate the music but theres no liable reason to hate an entire group of people that do nothing bad
i do like black flag though... music is music either we like it or we don't end of story. i too dislike people who mooch off society and then try to act better than me because i sack the groceries. i go to college and work 30hrs a week. i could be like most college students and just get a food stamp card and not have to worry about work or anything but i have too much self respect. i'm not like most of the people here who's mommies and daddies paid for their education with a check and bought them a new lexus to go to class in. i drive a dodge that i'm still paying off and i work one of the most underpaid and under appreciated jobs i know of. fuck people who take the easy way out by making things harder for the tax payer.
Most people here have probably never been in a lexus, and if they have they certainly worked for it. I don't so much see whats wrong with parents paying for college, it makes sense to me. Parents have had all their life to save up for college for their kids (about 30 years) whereas the kids have only had about 8 (if they started at 10, and the salary a 10 year old makes is usually a fair bit smaller than the 30-50 year olds) so the parents save up money and the kids save up money and together they have enough. Then that kid pays for his or her kids college because he or she doesn't have to work for the rest of his or her life to pay off their debt.

I really look up to you for working 30 hours a week and doing college, and not accepting help like that. Your a very strong individual, but that doesn't mean that you should look down on other people who do have help. Yeah its not fair, but life is not fair.

Whats wrong with drugs? I think if people like spending their time however they want without hurting anyone it's all right. Fuck if someone wanna smoke some meth in their own fucking home let them be.

If the substances don't make them paranoid or more likely to hurt others, then I agree.

But I can't think of any drugs (including alcohol) that don't increase the risk of people being hurt.  Not to mention the addictions that develop that force people to need to find the money to pay for drugs, that ultimately they may not be able to get without doing something to others (like robbing or stealing), which is then a problem.


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