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Hey guys! I've noticed a lot of new faces lately. MR has grown considerably since November 2007, especially in the past year or so (we have celebrated 2000th member and beyond in the past year!).

So, I think it's about time we started an official newbie introduction to thread!

Feel free to come through here, say hey! Tell us something about yourself! Established members, too! You might be surprised at what you find out, even about someone you thought you knew really well. Maybe you live close to some members! Or have a unique ability that will set you apart from the rest. Don't be shy!

If you ever have questions, don't hesitate to ask. If you're feeling shy, you can use the search bar at the top right hand side of the browser, too.

Also, check out this thread. It explains the chat feature on this site. Real, live chatting with fellow mohawk enthusiasts! You can either access it from the chat tab up top or the bar that runs all the way across the bottom of the browser.
The Chat Room!

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Errr.. and with that being said:

HI MohawksRock! I'm Khaos. I joined around Christmas of...2008, I think. I currently reside in Oklahoma. I moved here a few months ago from Connecticut (and my decrease in activity directly correlates with how long I've lived here! which is very sad). I'm making an effort to do more than log in and check comments and stuff now. I swear. Portable internet is...amazing. I work 3rd shift for a mohawk and visible modification friendly company.

Worst case is if you want to reach me - leave me a comment! I'll definitely see it during my lunch (your bed time) at work. I don't bite =P haha
What's shakin' bitches...I joined early 09, late 08, I don't remember exactly, lotta drugs being passed around etc. I'm in Sunderland Ontario, and I had to ditch my hawk because I had to leave those posers grouping me in with them and getting a job, one of two was successful. I need money still :( BUT I'm going to college in the fall for Radio Broadcasting to ban shitty music from the airwaves! Wish me luck! I love you guys!
Hello, I'm Snowflake, and I joined just a few months ago. I live in the Bay area of California and I have had my mohawk for about a year I think, I lost track. Well, I guess I am just on this site for pointers and to be able to awesome mohawked individuals.
I'm Giant Mohawk Man and I joined... err... created the site and launched it on November 15, 2007. Coincidentally November 15 is now International Mohawk Day after a few of us in the chat room (segadoway I believe was one) decided in mid 2008 that the world needed an "International Mohawk Day".

I'm from Atlanta, Georgia and do my best to keep up with this site as it grows and more and more people join and share all sorts of really great information. We had Mohawk Member Number 2000 join in May 2009 to give you an idea of how quickly we keep growing. That article also explains how this site can be easily thought of as a city with many different neighborhoods.

New members should also be sure to check out our tutorial on "How to Find Other Mohawk Rockers" which goes over some of the "advanced search" features as well as pointing out some of our more popular members.

Fighting the spammers seems to be a full-time duty, but I also depend on everyone to report them so that we can keep them off. If you see profiles with random links that don't make sense like "mesothelioma" or something, thats probably a spammer too. Report them to me, and we will get them banned.

Anything else, email me on here, which is the best way to get me or also email which I check on occasion.
By the way, here is a nifty trick to utilize Google into telling you where pages are on Mohawks Rock.

go to and do a search that starts with (no brackets) [ "my search phrase"] and google will give you those results for just

Like if I wanted to know how many different pages on Mohawks Rock had the word Khaos I'd type ] khaos] use this URL to see the 418 results

Of course, you can use this trick with any site and domain, but it works particularly well here as we do a lot of work to stay indexed in Google, and our members put a lot of links back to the site and their own pictures and pages, which really helps our SEO too.

Hope that helps someone!
I am teh mast3r spamm3r there! 981 results! :D (Hmm...I don't think I need any more things to level up at the moment...except just 9 more results...NINE MOAR I SAY! Ah, someday...)

Google has loads of handy command line settings (which I'm slowly using more and more as I remember them =) ). They also now have that feature if you click 'Advanced Search' and then enter in '' under 'Search within a site or domain:' for those who forget the syntax.

But certainly it's a great way to search the site quickly from within the search box in your browser at the top-right and so handy just to type "site:". Plus, if you really want to get geeky (and who wouldn't?) after you do a Google 'site:' search on something in, you can bookmark it and get the latest results another day!
heyya im crystal i live north of spokane washington joined cause i ran across this site and it looked sweet new member only been here a few days, i work for a local adult company pretty fun, getting married in june, and have had hawks off and on throughout my teen years, i am also amazingly a rancher haha yes i live in the country pretty fun, hope to make some friends on here and socialize.
Oooo I was looking for a thread like this earlier.

Im Stuey, I live in the midlands in England, though i'm at uni up in Preston. Ive been noseying on here for over a year or so now, but only just recently got round to setting up a profile.

I go between having a Mohawk and not having one quite a lot, mainly due to never holding down a proper job cos of being a student. Played with various spikes and this and that too. The one thing thats stuck is having some flash of colour somewhere. I work in a pub at the moment, theyre dead cool with my hair and piercing. All the old women that come in during the day love it.

At the moment the hawks probably at about 3 inches, though impending graduation and having to get a 'proper' job means it may have to go again for a while. Fingers crossed I can get into a decent design job though, the industrys about creativity and standing out. I can't see them having a problem with a mohican.

Anyway yeah, give me a shout or something. Im stuck in my last five weeks of uni work and am therefore stuck on my computer working like a beaver. A break from that for chit chat would go down nicely.
good idea khaos!

hello, my names Declan, i joined, a little before march of last year.

i live in toronto, im out of school right now and working a deadend job. i plan to go back to school for something(what not sure) but i also want to try and get a job as a mailman. i go to shows frequently, whenever possible i love live music and beer. im fanatic for tattoos and have two lined up. ill be going to L.A sometime this summer for 2 weeks and thats all i can really look forward to at this point.
I'm Jenni and I'm a n00b, just recently joined. I'm a freelance graphic designer, and a sahm to two awesome kids.

I've loved mohawks since I was about 13, but just recently chopped my hair off. I could careless if my hair is offensive to "normal" people, or not badass enough either. It makes me happy and that's all I can do, or even care about achieving.

Anywho, I love reading, movies, animals, art, body mod. WoW etc etc. Glad to be here and glad this site exists :)
Hey, I just joined last week or so. I'm from Charlottetown PEI, Canada.. I'm amazed there's only a couple thousand members here. I've been back and forth between mohawks, trihawks and other cuts for the past 5 years.. the mohawk has been blasting my mind for the last couple months and I think it's making it's come back, I just have to wait until my work contract is up I'm going all out. I miss being me.

Anyways, hit me up if you want to chat.
Hej im Paige or Booker from Indiana. I joined a few monthes ago but i had been stalking the sites for much longer. Im 15 and have had my hawk fro about 2 years, its about 13 inches high at its tallest it was 20inches high. I like punk rock. I dont think a person can be a punk i think punks was a movment and you cant be a movment you can only be behind it. My hairs blue green and pink it all fades together. I use clothes dye for hair dye. Im a poor kid without a plan, though i would like to go to college i doubt it will happen. I am a strict vegetarian, i have a very addictive personallity therfore i dont drink, and i dont take pills not even asprin. I do love cigarettes but rarly smoke. Im about 5 foot 1 and a chubby kid haha. I like boys. I play bass. I like wheatpasting. I love to read, dont like TV that much. i dont have a job but am trying to get one. Im a bitch, ill tell you straight up to your face if i like you or not and give you reason.

Hit me up


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