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Hey guys! I've noticed a lot of new faces lately. MR has grown considerably since November 2007, especially in the past year or so (we have celebrated 2000th member and beyond in the past year!).

So, I think it's about time we started an official newbie introduction to thread!

Feel free to come through here, say hey! Tell us something about yourself! Established members, too! You might be surprised at what you find out, even about someone you thought you knew really well. Maybe you live close to some members! Or have a unique ability that will set you apart from the rest. Don't be shy!

If you ever have questions, don't hesitate to ask. If you're feeling shy, you can use the search bar at the top right hand side of the browser, too.

Also, check out this thread. It explains the chat feature on this site. Real, live chatting with fellow mohawk enthusiasts! You can either access it from the chat tab up top or the bar that runs all the way across the bottom of the browser.
The Chat Room!

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I`m a newbie! I live in a very dark very cold place in Europe, am currently unemployed and bored out of my mind.

Yo Im Ruben.20 years old. Ive had the mohawk off and on, for the last 5 years. About 3-4 times ive rocked it, ive tried short hair, long hair but mohawk is for me. Im From california but moved to Iowa, and recently got engaged.

Ey.. my name is Grey. I joined a few days ago.. Saw this thread, and vola~! Here I am posting.

I look forward to seeing all the awesome hawks out there.. 

Hey guys, I just joined the site a few days ago! :D I'm a costume/fashion designer and body piercer from NZ, which is sweet cos when you work for yourself there's no one to complain if you wear a mohawk to work! I've had my deathhawk for about 3 years now, although I want to try to figure out how to fan it at some point. Can't live without tattoos, coffee and some really fuckin loud music. Oh yeah, and I'm a mum :)

hello and welcome to the site.

Thank you! :)
Im Murphy. 20 years old. Video-Libra. Far color orange. Obsessed with spiders. Only chick in salt lake that i know of with a hawk. My fiance just got his back as well. Mine was a foot when i cut it but then for some stupid reason i cut it. Lol.

Welcome Murphy! I hear you.....I am the only one with a Hawk in almost all of Sask. Would be nice to see more Hawks around, but everyone is so integrated into "normal" Society that they won't follow their inner desires. Sad really. Glad to have you here!! :-)

I just joined, Im an avid Rock on the Range - er here in ohio so I just decided to do a liberty spike mohawk this year for it but honestly like it so much i wanna keep it forevers.

Welcome Daniel!  I tried liberty spikes a couple times - they're fun!  I particularly liked seeing the dinosaur-like shadow on walls.

so hey guys my name is syras ( my favorite online gaming name ) and i really was amazed by how many old people actully have mohawk i wanted mohawk since age 12 but only now i start getting 1 in age 22 and i not going to stop untill i at lest got 9 inch liberty/fanned mohawk about the color i have no idea what to do for job i working in 2 jobs with my dad and my uncale so they pay really good much more then any other shit i can find well im also from israel and i hate that shit people dress here like barbies and have the half mohawk thing on the top of ther head and all other is shaved they even dont know it a mohawk so i kinda all alone here

What are your favourite online games?


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