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both nazis and openly admit to it it, please ban these fuckers now.

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Wanting to ban these guys cause you disagree with their political/ethical views makes you fascist fuckwad. Please quit watching SLCP.
hahahaha yeah!!! I'm tired of over opinionated punk fanboys with no constructive worldview. Theyre almost as bad at the nazis lol
Wanting to remove the derogatory degrading of others on site is a more worthy goal - and that crosses across a lot of people who aren't aware that life is better with Netiquette than without it.

For anyone to put forth a serious, valid, logical argument it's better not to give in to making insults or put-downs. It doesn't advance things and lowers the level of debate to a slanging match.
hm, funny, you're actually letting people that stand for something based on prejudice and hate spread their filth. good, very good indeed.

its funny, every time racists and homophobes harass gay or blacks, someone takes out the "freedom of speech"-card and say "hey, the constitution says they're allowed to bully everyone they like as long as they don't beat them up"

all in all, freedom is something we made up. we aren't free, so shut up bitches. please. freedom of speech doesn't even excist.
Wow you really love useless slippery slope arguments lol You are only enslaved if you let yourself be manipulated. Unfortunately, human rights apply to everyone (even those you hate) and to contradict that is to deny true equlity. If freedom of speech doesnt exist it is because the people have willingfully signed it away to the government. Get over yourself conflict is a natural part of life. I'm not saying that bashing people because of race, sexual preference, etc is right, its detestable and wrong, but in the end is it really something that can be controlled? It would be foolish to censor anything, people would do it anyhow.
''Freedom of speech doesnt protect speech you like. Freedom of speech protects speech that you hate'' - Ron Jeremy. I think that ends this debate cause none of you hold a candle to Ron Jeremy.
Indeed! Ron Jeremy is a wise man, he has to be with all the shit he takes over being a pornstar. Good quote.
Im just surprised this thread isn't locked.

The profiles are relatively inactive and all. Geeze guys. QUIT FEEDING THE LURKING TROLLS.


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