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Last year I set the goal for myself to successfully end the year without a haircut. No trim. No color. Nada. This is the second time I've tried to do this, but I tend to get hair-antsy and just cut it off every now and then. So, now I am here and I am gettin antsy: it's time for a cut.

Cool: so this is me now

This is where you come in: I'm not an experienced hawk-rocker and could use some help. Granted, I'm not too retarded on the subject (I can read the forums too, lol).

How do you imagine that I will rock my hawk? Short: long? Color A: color B? Both?

I'd like to hear what you'd do to my head, and who knows, I might end up doing it.

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Piss on it and light it on fire. That's what I'd do.
i think this is the only solution.......
on a non troll note, im trying to be nicer to people and its good to see you actually looked at the forum before posting, the length it is is a good length, just keep it all equal hawk, the colour is your choice do what you want.
Cool. I'm gonna try to film the whole process and post the results up here.

The color doesn't really bother me. I'm not picky, just indecisive. I've been playing with the idea of napalm orange and fish bowl.
Thanks for the tip. know any colors that mix well with napalm?
I could definitely rock that color. Thank you.
Hey hey. mine never looked that gross. haha
I think it will look good
... It has been done
awesome! results?
should look great, can't wait to see the result


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