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Anyone have any super fantastic food recipes or favorite foods that they would like to share?
Or a type of food you could never live without?

I'm a sucker for pineapple pizza and grilled cheese.
I can make english pancakes (or we know them as crepes here) fairly well, but it's not exactly rocket science. Otherwise I don't cook a lot. haha.
So what about you guys?

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vegetarian nachos, all up takes like 20 minutes including cooking
just get corn chips, salsa or pasta sauce and cheese
do one layer of chips then sauce then cheese then chips then cheese then sauce, or throw it aroudn a bit, cook it on full till it looks right.
Oooh man.

I have a recipe for you, if you like kind of sweet treats:

Grab some tortilla shells, a baking stone (at least, those are what I use), some water, and cinnamon and sugar
I want to say we bake them at 350 degrees or so in a preheated oven...

1. Lay out the shells, and cut them (I usually do mini pizzas haha)
2. Dampen the slices (not a lot of water, you can use your fingers) and then sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon and sugar over them
3. Place them in the oven until they are crispy and a light golden brown (sometimes they start to get "bubbly" and the air pockets inside expand) - it shouldn't take more than ten minutes or so (up to fifteen).
4. Keep checking on them or try different cooking times until they turn out hard and crispy. Everyone's oven is different, haha, especially where you place them, etc.

We found this out by trial and error, so everyones may turn out slightly different, but they are mighty nice.
And if you have time to kill you can try different types of spices and stuff... I can think of a few others that might be nifty. haha
oh yes... did you give it a try yet?
no money, its also hard to find gluten free food like that lol
You're a vegetarian I take it..

(meee tooooooooo)
i am vegetarian
aahh, I see.

Hope you aren't allergic :-(
That sounds scrumpsh.
food i cant live without: japanese <3 i wish i could eat it everyday!!
oh god i loooooooooove unagi <3!! so yummy


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