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I want to find ways,methods,tips on what i can do /style with my mohawk when its down.

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laziness my friend.LAZINESS!

A touch of pomade, or weak gel.

Comb it like a horse's mane.


I actually got tips from people who groom horses, because horsey hair and mohawks are pretty much the same.


But once you've mastered the art of get out of bed hair for the whole day, you're good.

hmm pomade makes hair greasy though . dislike that option
you may have to explain # 1 a little bit more. u got pictures of these?
This is usually what I go with when I attempt to look... classy? It usually consists of a headband, bows, bobby pins. Depending on how long your hair is, buns look cute as well.

awwws cute picture!!!  :) and yeah ill be sure to experiment with em.


Haha, thanks! And good luck! ^^


check out my you tube video just type in how to hide your mohawk. I have a couple styling videos for mohawks
I usually cover it with a bandana.
look at my pics there all pretty self explanatry i enjoy styling my hawk down as much as up u can still be creative n wierd as it were anythin u dnt understand how 2 do n ill tell ya :P xxx


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